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Electric Outlet – SCNR

I could not resist to attend a concert of Electric Outlet again. I’ve seen them first at the annual Rock-Shop-Party. Today they played at the Universum Kinocenter in Landau. The sound in the cinema was excellent, due to the absorbing wall coverings and the ceiling being non-parallel to the floor.

Ralf Gustke, Frank Itt and Marcus Deml did a great job, while Marcus could not resist to provide the usual stagy show ;) . I even heard something like an 11/8 bar (5+6 beats). Tom Aeschbacher left the Access Virus at home this time. Instead, he treated two Yamaha synths and a digital Hammond organ. I’m really impressed by his playing. If I ran a band, this was the music I’d like to play.

So, thanks guys for a really nice evening. cu!

To torture you, here’s one of the famous badly lighted N810 photos ;-) :


Aly Keïta@Tollhaus

Aly Keïta (“Ich bin ein Berliner”) gave a concert at the Tollhaus in Karlsruhe. He played his (DIY) Balafon and was accompanied by a great band. Frankly, I was quite impressed, the more that the tickets just were about 5 euro. But the concert turned out to be excellent. I also thought the Balaphon would be boring if played over three hours. It wasn’t. Aly really is a master of his instrument. The playing varied, and I really enjoyed the vitality in his playing. Additionally, Tollhaus was crowded much more than I expected.

Aly’s band consisted of some further excellent musicians. According to the Tollhaus web presence those are:

  • Manou Gallo
  • Pierre Vaiana
  • Boris Tschango
  • Dobet Gnahoré

At the end of the show, Aly brought some further brass musicians to the stage. We wondered why those have been hidden backstage before :) .

All in all, it has been a great concert and we have been more than impressed. Allthough it was not jazzy enough for my taste :) . Unfortunately, I left my Canon Powershot A650 at home and thus needed to take the pictures with the Nokia N810 instead. Judge for yourself:


Mozilla Qt Port

heise online has an article about a Mozilla port to QT. Trolltech recently has been acquired by Nokia, and I’m really curious if Nokia will bring more QT based stuff on their internet tablets. IMO it makes less sense that Nokia maintain a browser and similar software of their own.

Who owns the first Minimoog ever sold?

Dave Cornutt over at Sequence 15 shares some interesting details about the “prototype” and “production” Minimoog with the serial number 1001. Though nobody knows if he’s right, the post sounds plausible. Unfortunately, we cannot ask the master himself.

BTW: I just read that his Great-grandfather originated from Marburg, germany, and that he preferred his name to be pronounced as [mo?k] (german) over [mu?g] (anglo-saxon).