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»Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache«

Admittedly, the german language neither is an easy to learn nor an elegant language. During my stay in Kaufungen, I found this »Berliner« ad in front of a bakery. The writer obviously was not a native speaker (instead of »verschiedene Fühlungen« he meant »verschiedenen Füllungen«, »various fillings«):


Not that my english was perfect (actually, it’s lousy :) ), but it reminds me of a column of Bastian Sick called »Zwiebelfisch«. Continue reading

Hesse has voted

Since last year’s election, Hesse was governed by an interim government led by the former prime minister, Roland Koch. Thus our neighbours voted again today.

While the CDU got the same result as one year ago, the citizens scolded the Social Democratic Party of Germany. They lost 13% compared to last year’s election. The FDP and the green party seem to have won those ballots.

Andrea Ypsilanti, who is responsible for the crash, finally withdrew herself a couple of minutes ago¹. It’s now the job of Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel to reunite the SPD. Roland Koch will probably remain as prime minister and form a coalition with the FDP. Probably not the worst choice for the inhabitants of Hesse.

Here’s a table of (rounded) results in percent:

2008 2009
CDU 37 37
SPD 37 24
FDP 9 16
Grüne 8 14
Linke 5 5

¹ If she really wanted to prevent her party from this disastrous (and foreseeable) result, she IMO should have done so on November 4, 2008.

Visiting Oswiecim, Poland

I’m just back from a visit to the extermination camps in Oswiecim. I wanted to do this trip for several years now, but the Xmas holidays usually have been to short to do all my familiy duties and such a trip. As I got some additional days off this year, it was the perfect occasion. This post will provide some general travel information. Other posts will share information about the camps themselves. Continue reading

Leaving my footprints in Oberkaufungen

Hope you survived all of the holidays and your transition went well. Like most people, I spent some lazy days with various family members, enjoying great meals (including an original hungarian Pörkölt).

Accidentally :) I noticed that the town nearby was barely mapped. As the weather was cold but sunny, I grabbed the occasion and mapped Oberkaufungen by foot. Continue reading