Several synthesizers sold

After the Sub 37, I sold several other synths which did rest unused for a long time in their cases.

Yamaha Reface DX

I immediately bought it after having seen a Youtube video. Despite its size, mini keybed, and price, this IMO is an outstanding synth. I was most impressed by the dynamics of the sounds. I’ve seldom played a synth which did respond that sensitive to velocity.

Behringer Deepmind 12

The bargain provides 12 analogue voices. The synth obviously was designed with passion and dedication. The drawback is that the synth engine itself, without effects, sounds a bit shallow and boring.

Clavia Nord Rack 2x

Since the Nords had some reputation, I bought this one day second hand. Frankly, I never got familiar with this machine. It’s just not my taste.

Roland A50 Masterkeyboard

During the late 90ties, this was my main workhorse. I still love its excellent keybed providing a total of 76 keys, the typical Roland lever, and its duplication by traditional wheels. I sold it to someone who was looking for a sturdy but portable controller to play synth apps.

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, the box is sitting for over a week now in some logistics centre in the home town of the buyer and doesn’t get delivered.

Alesis QSR

This was my main ROMpler during the late 90ties. It was one of the very first devices shipped by Alesis. The menu structure is a bit awkward to navigate, but since a sample player usually is meant to use its sounds “as is” without excessive editing, that was OK.

The QSR provides some outstanding sounds but nowadays is seldom to find.

I’m glad I got rid of the unused hardware. If I had a spare room I made it a museum. Fortunately I have none left :) .