MoNav for Jolla respectively Sailfish OS

I just was notified that MoNav, a routing application for the Nokia N900 I helped to develop, is available for the Jolla phone respectively the Sailfish OS. An installer is avilable via The source is hosted at Github. Some map material is available here. I’m glad the code I wrote about three years ago […]

Since MoNav learned to speak

About two weeks ago I blogged about my first attempts to teach MoNav to provide speech output. While everything worked well on my desktop machines, MoNav did tend to crash every now and then on the N900, rendering it pretty useless for the intended use. As debugging was a bit difficult, I have just rewritten […]

When MoNav learned to speak

A couple of months ago I opened a branch named »ui-ng« in MoNav‘s repository to develop a new user interface. Meanwhile this branch became a playground for several hacks, and some of them are just spikes to check out whether some ideas work or not. I denied to work on speech output this spring, as […]

Street Name Rendering in MoNav

Thanks to the work of James Hollingshead, MoNav now provides street name rendering at high zoom levels. This required a change in the map file format, though, so the currently available maps (which admittedly are rather dated) won’t work with binaries built from the current tip of revision control. The new code is already available […]

Trip Info Page for MoNav

Though I’m currently rewriting the user interface of MoNav, I’m still missing some features while being on the road. During a trip, I want to see information about the remaining route distance, the distance and time already traveled, and as a cyclist who sometimes crosses hilly regions, I found some altitude information very useful. Obviously […]

MoNav 0.3 Released

Christian Vetter, the inventor and maintainer of MoNav, just announced the release of MoNav 0.3. Finally the improvements and new features developed during the last weeks and months are available as precompiled installers. Here’s a copy of the original posting: — Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce the release of the 0.3 version of […]

MoNav packages updated

Due to a nasty bug concerning the generation of tracklogs, I’ve updated all MoNav packages (Ubuntu i386, Ubuntu amd64, Maemo). The code is tested during two trips and behaves »as advertised«. Hint: On the N900, you’ll need to scroll down a bit in the preferences dialog to access the button to clear the tracklog (see […]

Großdeutschland in MoNav

Living in Karlsruhe, Germany, I often found it annoying that my map data was cut along the german-french border, so I could only load either france or germany into MoNav. Of course, routing crossing the border was not possible this way. Thus I created a map package using a bounding box which includes germany and […]

Using MoNav – Eat your own dogfood

I’m just back from a family meeting in Heiligenstadt (Upper Franconia), the region where parts of my family originate from. It’s a nice town with some restaurants providing very good traditional food at a reasonable price. It’s sited in a valley which provides nice surroundings, and the interior of the medieval protestant church was rather […]