LAC 2005 Review

Well, finally with a delay of one week, a short review of the LAC 2005.

The conference was visited well again, and the talks have been of high quality.

On wednesday evening, we had a first dinner at an italian restaurant with the participiants which have already arrived.

On thursday, Peter Brinkmann introduced »MidiKinesis – MIDI controllers for (almost) any purpose«, which lets you use MIDI controller events to trigger previously recorded mouse actions (pressing buttons and so on). The mouse events are recorded relative to the application window, so it can be moved around without breaking the recording. In the evening hours the »Opening Concert« took place in the ZKM Kubus.

On friday, I held a talk about »Linux Audio Usability Issues«.

On saturday I was impressed by the talk of Jürgen Reuter
who introduced »SoundPaint«, a tool to convert paintings into audio material. Furthermore there has been a talk about »System design for audio record and playback with a computer using FireWire«, a very important topic because firewire on linux is not available for audio cards yet. Nasca Octavian Paul demonstrated his cool synth »ZynAddSubFX« and Paul Davis demonstrated »Ardour«, the digital audio workstation software he has worked on for five years now. I really was impressed how matured it is – a really professional grade software. The evening hours have been filled with a second concert and the sound night with some further events happening on the ZKM balcony.

After that, we entered a restaurant in the city called »Stoevchen« at a quarter past two – seventeen people! We got something to eat and to drink and I arrived at home at 4AM – very tired ;-) .

On sunday the talk of Dave Phillips (»Where Are We Going And Why Aren’t We There Yet?«) was the last one. After some reports about the sessions that took place the day before the conference officially ended. Fortunately, we returned to the italian restaurant in the evening hours to have a nice meal again.