File system corruption on the N810 – again

Soon after getting the N810,
apt-get install
gave me an error. I found this and that thread at Addtitionally, I found the entries 2906 and 2940 at

I waited until Maemo 4.1 (aka Diablo), the successor to Maemo 4.0 (aka Chinook), had been released. Then I reflashed the device and cloned the system to a 4GB micro sdhc memory card.

Using apt-get install today again gave me an error message. I again noticed that a config file contains weird binary stuff, namely the file
was trashed. I’m not keen on setting up the device again, but it seems there’s no way around it.

I only have a vague clue why this happened again: I recently tried to activate SWAP via the N810’s control panel. After a few seconds, I got an error that the activation failed. I just accepted the error and didn’t care about it. Maybe it caused the file system error. At least I hope it is a software, not a hardware issue.

Update: After moving
out of the way,
apt-get install
works again. I should reinstall the system anyway to get rid of filesystem errors, but now can postpone it – which is a very good thing!

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