Excellent autumn weather for biking tours

Jep – “the subject says it all!”. I grabbed the occasion and did a further tour to Wissembourg. Once again I traversed the Bienwald to catch up some new ways for OSM. In Wissembourg, I wanted to map a missing (legally accessible) way. I didn’t complete it, as I was hunted by some dogs. I know stories of other mappers who have been hunted by dogs, but though I’m an experienced mapper, this was the very first time for me.

Anyway, in Wissembourg, Tarte flambée and Federweißer was served. I then rode towards Kandel to catch the train to Karlsruhe. The train just left when I arrived, but fortunately there was a vine party with a good band right at the station, so the delay was sweetened. As a result, I got some “Confiture des Châtaignes à la vanille”. It’s a french speciality with lots of sugar – which tastes just great. Try it with fresh baguette and you’ll know what I mean :) .

I really enjoyed this 78km ride. The weather was really great, and it was very nice to see all the vineyards which partly have been cropped, chestnut and walnut trees giving their fruit and to drink Federweißen (accusative case of Federweißer).