Continued mapping of the Black Forest

Fortunately, the black forest was open today, so I could continue mapping it. I collected a lot of paths and tracks between the parking "Bosensteiner Eck" and the Schliffkopf, trying out my brand new Hanwag boots.

Parts of the material collected today is part of the famous Westweg. I just added a so called “relation” for it to the database. Besides nodes (points with lat lon coords) and ways (polygons refering to at least two nodes each) relations are the third and last datatype OSM offers. More or less, relations are “location-less” data objects which just glue together some other objects (yes, of course a relation can contain other relations, allowing for tree structures). In this case, the relation is of type route, contains the name Westweg and all way snippets which form the Westweg as members. Most renderers are not capable of coping with relations yet, but this will change.

5 thoughts on “Continued mapping of the Black Forest

  1. Hofnarr

    I have used your relation to mark the Westweg from Schliffkopf right to its start in Pforzheim … the relation now has a little more than a 100 members :)

    There’s still a lot of gaps in the path. Especially from Herrenwieser See down to Forbach, no traces for the Westweg have been done yet … work to do! :D

    My next step will be to check about the Westweg from Schliffkopf south …

    Thanks for starting it :D

  2. ce Post author

    Hi “Jester” :) ,

    thanks for the feedback. I’m waiting for the black forest being mapped for more than two years now. This year, it really took off :) .

    Concerning the »Westweg« route, I’ve “accidentally” :) been mapping around Sand/Hundseck/Herrenwies today. There’s a path from Sand to Herrenwies, part of the Westweg, which joins a crossing of 4 tracks north of Herrenwies:
    The path duplicates one of the tracks between two nodes. If you have some knowledge about this crossing, it would be great if you could check it and if possible fix it.

  3. Hofnarr

    … it’s a bit nerdy to continue writing english … but of cause you never know who else might want this to read some day :)

    re: Herrenwieser Sattel. I have no GPS data of the place. As far as my memories go, the routing meets the real situation quite accurately. Means one of the segment’s duplicates could be removed.

    I am not 100% sure though, so I won’t touch the paths until I will walk across the place the next time (won’t be too long :)

    Cheers and happy mapping …

  4. ce Post author

    I just set a marker in openstreetbugs. I don’t want to fix it right away as the snippet to remove is a part of the Westweg relation. I’ll leave it to you to fix it, thanks :) .

  5. Hofnarr

    Will do!

    Geeeez … you must be Slowrider. Your mapping is everywhere … Respekt! It’s an honor … I know osm since quite a while. It’s only a few days though, that I started mapping actively.

    I’m not that sure anymore whether it was a good idea to start with something as large and “important” as the Westweg … should have maybe left it to more experienced mappers … hope I didn’t violate any (un-)written rules :/

    Anyhow I’m still doing lots of bad mapping, gotta learn this properly … so if you stumble across any errors along the Westweg … please feel free to twiddle with the relation … I don’t own it ;D

    Again — much respect for your osm works!

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