Men buying clothes, shoes

Unlike women, real men dislike buying clothes or even shoes. Buying clothes is for chicken. Real men prefer driving cars or bikes or hacking computers.
That’s why I postponed buying some hiking boots for years. Two or three times a year you can need them. But if you have none, you can cope with it. No need to buy some. Heck, it even saves you money!

There are occasions in a man’s live where a man needs to know what to do. So I went to the local outdoor store and tried various boots yesterday. Surprisingly, I found some matching shoes in less time I expected. The Hanwag Banks GTX (size 10.5 respectively 45) are not heavy shoes for advanded alpine hiking. But hey, I do not intend to visit the Nanga Parbat. Instead, it’s a medium weight shoe, overdesigned for black forest gravelled track hinking only, but providing enough “headroom” for some occasional alpine hinking in Switzerland or some rocky mediterranean holiday islands.

The test walk today confirmed that I found the perfect shoe for my feet. The only thing I still need to learn is to do the lacing right. The current method leads to very uncomfortable pressure above the ankles.