Kubuntu 8.10 is out

A couple of years back, I installed and tried out a lot of Linux distributions. None of them was perfect for my needs, until I installed Gentoo. As any other Gentoo user, I hated the compile times but enjoyed the rest of the system. It provided many up-to-date software packages via its central repository, so there was less need to compile from CVS/SVN. It was on my machine for over three years – compared to its predecessors, a very long time :) .

After the hardware died I bought some new notebook. I needed a running system back quickly, so I tried out this mysterious Kubuntu distribution. The installer did an excellent job in recognizing and configuring the Dell Precision M4300, and I’m relatively pleased with it.

Meanwhile Kubuntu 8.10 is out. I have decided not to install KDE 4.0, but 8.10 ships with KDE 4.1. Installing and configuring it shurely would waste a whole day. OTOH, all this new KDE 4 stuff, including Compiz, might be worth the efforts.

Anyway, I’ll resist for the moment, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have it on my main machine before end of this winter :) .