Electric Outlet – SCNR

I could not resist to attend a concert of Electric Outlet again. I’ve seen them first at the annual Rock-Shop-Party. Today they played at the Universum Kinocenter in Landau. The sound in the cinema was excellent, due to the absorbing wall coverings and the ceiling being non-parallel to the floor.

Ralf Gustke, Frank Itt and Marcus Deml did a great job, while Marcus could not resist to provide the usual stagy show ;) . I even heard something like an 11/8 bar (5+6 beats). Tom Aeschbacher left the Access Virus at home this time. Instead, he treated two Yamaha synths and a digital Hammond organ. I’m really impressed by his playing. If I ran a band, this was the music I’d like to play.

So, thanks guys for a really nice evening. cu!

To torture you, here’s one of the famous badly lighted N810 photos ;-) :