N810: File corruption again – the never ending story?

A couple of days ago, I tried to copy some files and folders to my N810 via ssh. Unfortunately, this gave me an error. Maybe this was due to some german umlauts in the file names. To circumvent those issues, I put all the stuff into a zip file and copied it over with no further problems. After that, I connected the N810 to a Mac using the N810’s USB cable. There have been errors mounting, and I was unable to copy the zip file to the Mac. I unmounted the device and tried the same on Windows Vista which gave some errors again, but finally I was able to get the zip file.

Today, I noticed that the internal flash card gets mounted read only on the N810. I googled a bit, and the usual hint reads as reformatting the card. Not a big deal, as it only hosts some maps for Maemo Mapper and Navit, but nevertheless it causes some traffic.

No prob as I’m a technician and long time Linux hacker, but I wonder how Joe Average coped with such a situation. I still have no clue when and why this happened. Admittedly, Joe Average would never have used ssh to copy files to the device. Maybe there’s a hardware defect. Maybe the umlaut files caused a filesystem error. Maybe it was just voodoo.

I create a backup of the files on the flash disk right now. Will reformat it tomorrow.