Leaving my footprints in Oberkaufungen

Hope you survived all of the holidays and your transition went well. Like most people, I spent some lazy days with various family members, enjoying great meals (including an original hungarian Pörkölt).

Accidentally :) I noticed that the town nearby was barely mapped. As the weather was cold but sunny, I grabbed the occasion and mapped Oberkaufungen by foot. I mapped everything live without any editing afterwards. Osm2go on the N810 did a good job, though there are always situations where it is impossible to select an object, no matter how much you click on it. Obviously the issue needs some further investigation and bug hunting.

For my very own pleasure, I created a nice pre-post-animation. The mapping required about four hours a day during three days:


The work is not completed yet. Some streets and other details are still missing, and I need to figure out if the street around the Stiftskirche is called »Domberg« or »Zur schönen Aussicht«. Nevertheless the map looks much better than before now. If noone else continues mapping, I’ll do it during my next stay :) .

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