»Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache«

Admittedly, the german language neither is an easy to learn nor an elegant language. During my stay in Kaufungen, I found this »Berliner« ad in front of a bakery. The writer obviously was not a native speaker (instead of »verschiedene Fühlungen« he meant »verschiedenen Füllungen«, »various fillings«):


Not that my english was perfect (actually, it’s lousy :) ), but it reminds me of a column of Bastian Sick called »Zwiebelfisch«.

In his column, Bastian Sick collected some (even user contributed) material concerning german grammar. As the column got very popular, he condensed the material in a series of books (currently three) called »Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod«. There’s even a »three in one« issue.

If you have to cope with the german language (e.g. being a technical writer etc.) it will help you to avoid common mistakes and improve your skills. Even if you are a native speaker :) .

2 thoughts on “»Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache«

  1. alexgahr

    Hello! Very good and funny pic, especially because “Fühlungen” sounds almost like “feelings” because it seems a derivation of “fühlen”…
    But I would like to qualify your affirmation that “the german language neither is an easy to learn nor an elegant language”. It’s important to note that this is a personal statement, not a generality. What is general, however, is that from our present knowledge about linguistics, the idea that there are easy and difficult languages is false (see for example Juan Carlos Morenos Cabrera: http://www.internetwebsolutions.es/libro/La-dignidad-e-igualdad-de-las-lenguas/isbn/978-84-206-6744-7). Your affirmation about “not an easy language” depends on your mother tongue and its similarity to the language you want to learn.
    Likewise, how a language sounds to you (more or less “elegant” e. g.) is also a personal statement, i. e., everyone “feels” it different; to me, for example, German sounds very elegant (probably the same way, Spanish sounds elegant to a Spaniard, but less to me and so on)…

  2. ce Post author

    Of course it’s my personal POV. And it’s always good to see there are other opinions concerning this topic. The german language needs advocates – see above :) .

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