Fixing Numpty Physics crashes in Diablo

One of the best applications for the Nokia Internet Tablet N810 is Numpty Physics. I’ve never been a fan of computer games, but this one is outstanding! Unfortunately, it crashed on my Diablo installation, but I managed to fix it a couple of minutes ago.


To install it on the latest operating system (aka Diablo) you need to activate the extras-devel respository in the application manager. Unfortunately, this version immediately crashed on my tablet right during startup, thus being unusable. Either it is a general bug, or an issue residing in my particular installation. The error message when invoked from an xterm reads as follows:

gotoLevel 0
loaded image /usr/share/numptyphysics/paper.jpg
*** CAUGHT: invalid stroke def

I solved the issue by uninstalling the buggy version and replacing it with the one of the former operating system (aka Chinook). Step by step instructions:

  • Remove Numpty Physics using the application manager.
  • Download the package for Chinook manually and save it on your tablet.
  • From the application manager, use the menu to install the downloaded file.
  • Enjoy :) .

If the software update offers to update Numpty Physics, do not update it, as it would overwrite your working installation with the defective one again :) .

2 thoughts on “Fixing Numpty Physics crashes in Diablo

  1. Luiz Felipe

    Hey Cristoph, thanks to your advice now I have Numpty Physics running on my n800 !

    Greetings from Brazil!

    Luiz Felipe

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