Past are easter, warm weather

I spent easter with friends and the family, doing some mapping but almost no hacking. Fortunately the warm weather now is past and rain is back, so I’m back to bits and bytes :) .

Short notes for today:

  • The N810 features a text to speech synthesis system known as flite. Unfortunately it only speaks english. On you can find some links to additional languages, but it does not contain a german package.
  • Andrew M. Bishop wrote a routing application called Routino, which converts and uses an OSM XML file for routing. It supports various types of routing, but is intended to be used as a backend, not an end user application. There’s an online demo available.
  • I have still no luck in running on the N810 to record audio. While the sample code runs on my desktop machine, it fails on the tablet when it tries to create the pipeline to gstreamer, regardless that python2.5-gnome is installed:

    _pipeline=gst.parse_launch(‘gconfaudiosrc ! capsfilter caps=audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=1,depth=16 ! fakesink name=sink signal-handoffs=true’)

    The error message reads as:

    gobject.GError: no element “gconfaudiosrc”

    I also tried to access the audio drivers directly by replacing gconfaudiosrc by alsasrc and osssrc with no luck. If someone out in the world wild web can share a hint it would be great.