Loosing the track of a hiking trip

Due to some unknown accident, Maemo Mapper (which is an excellent application, BTW) dropped a huge portion of the trackpoints of today’s hiking trip. I have no clue what happened. The remaining trackpoints start around an area where the tablet startet to complain about the battery being low. I exchanged the battery ca. 15 minutes later, so maybe the system notification triggered some unwanted behaviour. As I was mapping live using osm2go, it’s not really a severe loss, but I wanted to geocode some pictures I have taken.

What I learn from this is that I should make backups of the track while still on tour.

2 thoughts on “Loosing the track of a hiking trip

  1. Hakan

    You might want to install minigpsd.

    Before I accidentally discovered that my N810 is neither water- nor dropresitant ( o.k., I shouldn’t look for a geocache under a smalll bridge with the N810 in my pocket ), I hat mamemo mapper, gpxview and minigpsd running on it.

    The nice thing about minigpsd is that it saves your track, automatically creating new files every five minutes ( configurable, of course ) and writes the full NMEA data into the saved files, too. So, you lose at most five minutes of data.


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