Traveling to Myrtos, Crete

Panorama of Myrtos, Crete, 2009

Panorama of Myrtos, Crete, 2009

It’s the third consecutive year I visit Myrtos, Crete. It’s one of the southmost villages of europe with an almost tropical climate, where the swallows don’t leave towards africa during the winter months. It’s a quiet village with no clubs or big hotels. A small gravelled but nice beach and the usual infrastructure of cafes and restaurants make it the right place for some relaxing days. It’s sited at a primary road, so it’s easy to visit several locations in the east and north of Crete by car.

The travel went well, except that I had little (read as no) sleep last night (the train left Karlsruhe at 11PM and the flight was about 4:25AM). The roads on Crete have been further improved. There’s a brand new trunk road from Irakleio to Martha, so I can now recommend to take the direct route instead of the deviation via Agios Nicolaos. You need to take care of the usual shortcomings on greek streets, like some sudden sinks or destroyed surfaces, though.

After Hotel Mertiza (2007) and Susanna’s (2008) I have choosen the “Big Blue” this year. On the lower floors, there are some bigger studios with a private terrace each (offered for 40€ per night). On the topmost floor, there are two very small rooms (which have been offered for 20€) and a bigger one (30€), which contains some cooking facility with a kitchen sink. The shower is small and does not provide a mount for the nozzle. I chose it anyway, due to the marvellous view over the bay. The beach and the promenade is just a flight of steps ahead and Big Blue provides, err, free WiFi, so both mapping and blogging is possible :) . The above image is the view over the bay of Myrtos as seen from the balcony of the Big Blue, early in the morning hours (6:30AM).

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    I would love to use your Mirtos panorama shot on my website. Please let me know how much you would be willing to sell it for.

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