Struggling with Maemo mapping applications

Again I lost some tracks using MaemoMapper – which of course is all my fault, because I neglected Hakan’s tipp :) .

It usually happens when the device shuts down due to a drained battery while MaemoMapper is running. Though Sqlite supports transactions (actually it uses them per default), it seems that a system shutdown causes MaemoMapper to leave a defective database file. Of course, badman only appears if you have no backup available. If you do backups, nothing will happen :) .

I need to read the source of MaemoMapper to determine what exactly goes wrong. Theoretically, it should be possible to make MaemoMapper aware of a system shutdown, as the Maemo operating system sends out a DBUS notification. MaemoMapper could then stop to log positions and savely close the database file.

There was a further trap I hit during the last days. I tried to load a project in osm2go which contained a piece of a coastline. This triggered a buffer overflow, which was noticable as a weird behaviour when drawing new ways or moving existing nodes.

Till Harbaum, the maintainer of osm2go, however fixed it within a couple of hours and uploaded a new package to the repository. So updating it is recommended.

Thanks for the fix!