Displaying tracks using the OSM plugin for WordPress

OK, got it. Here’s the biking tour I did on sunday. The cherries, grabbed directly from the tree in Büchelberg, tasted excellent :) .

Unfortunately I was trapped by some rain in Minfeld, and MaemoMapper once again crashed while being in the train to get back to Karlsruhe. Thus the gap in the track:

Use the control in the upper right hand corner to switch the layers. Note that you even can dis- and enable the track!

And here’s the code, just one single line, to include the map into this posting. Put the square brackets directly before and behind the line. I needed to insert a line break, as the parser of WordPress seems to be pretty greedy and otherwise would display a map instead of the code :) :

osm_map lat="49.03" long="8.26" zoom="11" gpx_file="https://www.christeck.de/wp-content/uploads/tracks/20090621-kandel.gpx"

And here’s the code of yesterday’s post, including the marker:

osm_map lat="49.02" long="8.17" zoom="11" marker="49.02,8.17" marker_name="marker_blue.png" marker_width="16" marker_height="16"

What a joy! A nice map in your wordpress blog! Without any coding! With zoom, pan and layer controls!

Thanks to all contributors of openlayers and Michael Kang once again for this marvellous OSM WordPress plugin!