Open-Air Micromapping reloaded

Micromapping »Das Fest«, Karlsruhe, Germany

Micromapping »Das Fest«, Karlsruhe, Germany

The annual open-air festival in Karlsruhe, simply called »Das Fest«, currently gets set up. Last year, I mapped all the facilities, including the names of the various stages, the drink and fast food booths, but also the waste baskets and toilets. Those mappings also made it accidentally into an article of a local news page (see the last map screenshot on that page).

After the event, AFAIR I prefixed all those temporary items with an underscore to exclude it from the rendering. A bot then “fixed” the tags, and finally someone removed the items from the dataset. I thought I kept a local copy, but it seems I dropped it some day. So the data is lost and cannot be resurrected easily for this year’s event.

I’m currently trying to extract the data from an older planet file (osmosis is contributing to global warming right now). If that fails, I will map the items anew. It’s just plain fun to walk around the area with the N810 and osm2go, to map the items and to meet friends.

For visitors it is very helpful to have the location of the various facilities on the map, so I hope to have it up and running again ’til the weekend. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Open-Air Micromapping reloaded

  1. John McKerrell

    My suggestion this year would be to add an end_date tag and then stamp your feet until renderers start paying attention. I know they’re going to have similar issues with Burning Man festival in the states and there’s plenty of people who want something like this.

  2. ce Post author

    I’m not happy with an end date alone, as it implies that the data is unnecessary after it and people may be tempted to delete it. I’d rather prefer a tag like “last two weeks in July only” or so. But it is difficult to express such things both human and machine readable. We also could need such a solution for opening hours, ferry times etc.

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