Black Forest Mapping baffled



For some time now, I used this Blumax GPSr and I was very pleased with it. It is a bluetooth GPS mouse without any logging capabilities, but it always got a fix very quickly and always gave a good position, even under aggravating circumstances. A nice and small device which just does its job, nothing else.

At the last meeting of the local Linux User Group (aka KaLUG), some guys (you know who you are :) wanted to play with the aforementioned device, but they didn’t succeed to communicate with it.

Today I wanted to continue some mapping around the “Ruhestein” location at the black forest:

Surprisingly, the N810 didn’t receive any position from the Blumax. Instead, it constantly reported “No fix”. Unfortunately I had none of my other gadgets with me so mapping was impossible :( .
The device has no controls except for the on/off power switch, so there seems to be no possibility to do a hardware reset. It seems to be bricked, and if so I obviously need a replacement really quickly.

As I lost some tracks in the past due to some software failure, I’d prefer a device with logging capabilities. Before I used the Blumax, I used a Wintec WBT-201 of some friends which is a nice device as well. It uses a standard Nokia battery, gets charged via a mini USB plug, provides logging and a waypoint feature as well. The best of all is that it is just the size of a match box. The only bad thing is the price point of 99€. Of course you get good value for the money, but you have to pay a lot of money for the value :) .