Qtractor and instrument definition files

Qtractor Main Window

Qtractor Main Window

After Simple Sysexxer is finally available for testing, I found some time to play with my instruments and Qtractor, an audio and MIDI sequencer.

I mainly used the MIDI part up to now. Like Rosegarden or Muse, it’s a further sequencer for Linux, but it is closest to what I need for my type of workflow. This does not necessarily mean that one of the others won’t do the job for you. Qtractor just is one further player in the competition, and that’s a good thing :) .

Due to its flexible bus-system, I can easily bind a particular input device to a certain track, and a certain track to any particular noise generator.

Synthesizers nowadays easily contain more than one thousand sounds. In your sequencer software, you want to select those sounds without struggling with the user interface of your sythesizer. To accomplish this, Qtractor can read “instrument definition files”, an INI-style file format to describe certain capabilities of a particular machine. This format was first specified and used by Cakewalk. Unfortunately I found no files for most of my synths out in the web, so I created some files which at least contain the program changes. Here’s the result (those instrument definition files are hereby public domain):

You may especially wonder about the files for Aeolus, the famous pipe organ synthesizer. You cannot switch stops directly using this file. But you can define presets of stops from within Aeolus and use the provided instrument definition file to invoke them from within Qtractor. If you enjoy Aeolus and you use Qtractor for MIDI recording, this file is for you.

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  1. ce Post author

    Yes, I have been discussing this with Rui and am very exited about the new feature. This allows users of Qtractor to reset all synths to the desired state.

    Simple Sysexxer still exists for mass backups of synths. There’s nothing better than sane competition between open source apps :) .

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