106 Kilometers mapping tour crossing three provinces

On a wonderful sunny and warm late summer day (it still is about 22°C in the middle of the night) I did a 106km mapping tour by bike:

Hitting three provinces, I went from Karlsruhe (Baden) to Neuburg (Palatinate), followed the river Rhine up to Mothern (Alsace) and went west until I reached Wissembourg (still Alsace), where I bought some french sweet requested by some familiy members and got something to eat in the preferred biergarten.
Then I headed north vs. Oberotterbach (Palatinate) and finally east vs Freckenfeld and Wörth (both Palatinate, still). In Freckenfeld, I’ve seen the last sun ray, and it was not much fun to drive through the dark forests south of it. In Wörth, I detected some completely unmapped (sic!) residential streets, and even more unmapped footways in the surroundings, until the tram arrived.
Admittedly the aforementioned 106km include the tram ride from Wörth to Karlsruhe, so my reputation is melting rapidly :) . Frankly, I was again way too slow (I was on the road for 9h). But that’s the price you pay if you stop every few meters and record stuff like crossings, way surfaces and any other detail an average biker won’t even notice.

A successful trip. After two days of mapping, I will grant me some rest tomorrow.