Maemo Summit is over – greedily waiting for the N900 to appear

This year’s Maemo Summit is over, and Nokia gave away some N900 to the community. Unfortunately, Michelle Gallen was not pleased with the unboxing experience at all and complains a lot. Frankly, if you’re getting a Porsche, would you really complain that the ignition lock is on the left hand side :) ?

I hope the Summit results in existing software being improved or ported and new software to appear. If you are missing software, you can still hack it on your own, thanks to the open Maemo platform.

For details shared by attendees, refer to the #maesum hash tag on Twitter. You will find several videos about the device, even some shared by Nokia. I for myself prefered to get my hands on it instead of watching pr0n, but due to the enormous price tag of 600€ it will last a little while before I decide to get one. Truly, it’s no problem to resist preordering it. Really. Promised.