GPS-Articles in the current issue of german Linux Magazin

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The current issue 12/2009 of the german »Linux Magazin« features several GPS related articles. On page 40 there’s one about Openstreetmap on mobile devices, especially the N810.

Though I have written some papers for various conferences, it was a completely new experience to prepare a manuscript for a magazine and to read the printed transmogrification afterwards. Frankly, I learned a lot. It’s always great to write about things you think you are savvy about, as it closes gaps in your knowledge and forces you to go even more into detail.

I needed to test the latest versions of the software I’ve written about. Many things had changed, so it was essential to try out all commands and listings provided in the article to avoid misinformation.

All in all, a great experience, joy and pleasure. I will happily write another one in case I was asked.

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    I got a specimen two days ago, so I can share the one I bought at the day of appearance.

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