Korg Z1 synth bricked – almost

Korg Z1 synth

Korg Z1 synth

I wanted to try out some sounds for the Korg Z1 which are publicly available on webpages (such as the Z1 Yahoo group). To ease this process, I tried out several tools to rearrange the individual sounds across the various collections.

Unfortunately, either one of the files was corrupted or the tool I used had problems under certain circumstances. Some of the files I sent to the synth have been corrupted, but as the tool calculated a proper checksum, those files have been accepted by the Z1.

At startup, the Z1 loads the sound program A000. Unfortunately I loaded one of the damaged files into this slot, causing the Z1 to endlessly reboot when switching it on. Perspiration! A short websearch, however, helped to solve the problem – the Z1 features an emergency boot. Good luck. Here’s how to do it, but you will loose any user data in the synth:

  • Switch it off.
  • Press and hold both programmable buttons left of the ribbon control pad (SW 1 and SW 2).
  • Switch it on. Release the buttons as soon as the display reads as »Emergency Boot«. The Z1 will now boot the OS from its ROM. All sounds will be set to »Init Prog«.
  • To get rid of the damaged sounds, go to the global menu, page one, and disable the memory protection.
  • Go one page back and select »Factory Load«. If you are sure that only programs are damaged, switch from »All Data« to »All Program«. Press the button »Enter« twice to reset all sound programs.
  • Reboot the device to check whether it is operational again.

This was just an issue of a couple of minutes, but the moment of shock was rather impressive :) .

2 thoughts on “Korg Z1 synth bricked – almost

  1. ce Post author

    man: ssh player@z1
    machine: This is the korg z1 multi oscillator synthesis synthesizer constantly rebooting. You’re welcome!
    man: su
    machine: Are you really sure you want to become root? Might be dangerous!
    man: Yes, I wouldn’t have asked otherwise. Let me in.
    machine: OK, starting the Vista emulation layer.
    machine: You need administrator privileges to access the administrator account. Please confirm.
    man: Yes I wouldn’t have asked otherwise. Let me in.
    machine: Please wait a couple of hours.
    machine: Your request failed due ot some timeout. Try again?
    man: Yes, I wouldn’t have asked otherwise. Let me in.
    machine: Please wait a couple of hours.
    machine: Sorry, but the security token currently is unavailable. Please try again later.
    man: Where the heck is the Linux installation disk?!?
    machine: Vista has detected some damaged sound programs, rendering this machine rather useless. If you don’t object, the damaged sounds will be repaired automatically in 10 seconds.
    machine: Now rebooting…
    man: ssh player@z1
    machine: name or service unknown.
    man: Argh.

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