Are points of interest out?!?

Surely not. Since my last post, a lot of interesting things happened. It was intentional that I reduced the frequency of postings. Firstly, I never did post about anything I did. I mainly posted about openstreetmap, mapping, gadgets and hacking. Secondly, posting takes time which I wanted to spend for, well, other things (yes, I have a private life, too :) . Thirdly, I thought it was not that interesting to read about the 4857th mapping tour and to see the 95836th fungi pic.

More postings will follow. But the frequency will surely be less than before.

4 thoughts on “Are points of interest out?!?

  1. ce Post author

    SCNR. Wenn bei jedem Lokaltreffen irgendwelcher IT-Typen mehrere solcher Teile auf dem Tisch liegen, weißt Du, dass Du mit dem N810 nicht mehr auf der Höhe der Zeit bist :) .

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