Battery Lifetime when mapping with the N900

Plane drawing curves on the sky

Plane drawing curves on the sky

Again I was mapping using the N900. I permanently had Mapper, osm2go, FM Radio (respectively an audio player) plus a text editor running. Additionally I took a couple of photos.

Some fungi catched with the N900's camera

Some fungi catched with the N900's camera

Again I’m quite impressed by the quality of the device’s camera. The only thing I miss is a manual focus. Which IMO is a problem of luxury.

The fully charged battery powered the device for 3 hours. The N810 was capable to last up to four hours, but a comparison is invalid. The N810 did not provide cellular connectivity, I never used it to play audio and I seldom used it as a camera. Plus the battery capacity of the N900 (BL-5J, 1320mAh@3.7V) is almost one sixth less than the one of the N810 (BP-4L, 1500mAh@3.7V).

Additionally I was again trapped by “the big bug“, which I assume has an impact on the battery. I really hope this bug can be solved rather sooner than later.

All in all I think the power management of the N900 is excellent. If you think 3 hours is very poor, just use the N900 like an iPhone: Avoid multitasking whenever possible :) .

For the N810 I bought (and used) a second battery for mapping trips. I just ordered one for the N900 as well. If necessary I’ll order a third one, which will be surely enough even for all-day mapping trips.

2 thoughts on “Battery Lifetime when mapping with the N900

  1. Claudius

    If you are on the move and gone hiking it might be worth switching your N900 to GSM mode, e.g. by using the 2G/3G switcher applet
    This way I could reduce the battery consumption significantly. And when you are about to make a call and want to have better quality just switch back to UMTS.

  2. ce Post author

    Cool, thanks. As a cell phone n00b, I still need to learn a lot. Now there are three options:
    * The built-in offline mode
    * Tablet and phone mode switch
    * 2G/3G switch

    Still I can cope with it, but hopefully there won’t be further applets :) .

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