Battery Lifetime when mapping with the N900 #2

During my last trip, I avoided to use an audio player and osm2go on the N900. The only application running was Mapper (formerly known as Maemo Mapper). Again the big bug occured, requiring two reboots.

Nevertheless the battery only lasted for two and a half hours. This really is very poor. Maybe Mapper needs more CPU than on the N810. I’m curious whether I’ll get better results during the next trips or if the uptime will remain the same. In either case, I’m desperately wating for the second battery I purchased to arrive.

I logged the track both using the N900 and the WBT-201 (aka G-Rays 2 ). Surprisingly, the track of the N900’s built-in GPS receiver was more accurate as the one of the WBT.

2 thoughts on “Battery Lifetime when mapping with the N900 #2

  1. Freek

    I don’t have any experience with the N900, but my N810 drains the battery when rebooting. Might that be the reason that you only got 2.5 hours out of it?

  2. ce Post author

    Both the crashes as well as the subsequent reboots might have had an impact on the battery life.

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