Richard von Weizsäcker is celebrating his 90. Birthday

Weizsäcker, Reagan and Schmidt at Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin), 1982(public domain, via wikipedia)

Weizsäcker, Reagan and Schmidt at Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin), 1982 (public domain, via wikipedia)

Richard von Weizsäcker, an elderly German statesman who served as Governing Mayor of West Berlin (1981-1984) and President of Germany (1984-1994), is celebrating his 90th birthday. I remember him as the dignified president of my youth, being a honest politician and a strong democrat. He is known for his famous speeches and his initiative in 1985¹ to finally understand the lost WW2 less as a defeat than the liberation from nazi terror and new chances. He is a man of the same category as Helmut Schmidt.

I read he is very well and still doing sports. I wish you health, luck and hope you will continue to influence the german, european, and even world politics with your wisdom.

¹ Speech May 8 1985 (translated)