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Vuvuzelas (, public domain)

Vuvuzelas (, public domain)

I never was a fan of soccer, but this world cup broke my neck. Though I’m not familiar with the tactics and strategies of this game, it was a great joy to watch the german team and its counterparts.

Thanks to the excellent summer weather conditions somewhere between 30°C and 40°C, I went to a biergarten to attend the match.

The german team is depressed as they, besides others, intended to reach the final game and to get the world cup. But they failed in the semi final versus Spain, so they had to prove they are worth the third place. And they made it. So stop the typical german whining and enjoy what you have reached :) .

They beat Uruguay 3:2. Admittedly, the latter ones did a great job as well. Considering that Uruguay hosts less than a 20th of inhabitants compared to germany (80,000,000 vs. 3,500,000), they by far had the better team :) .

A nice match indeed. I will attend again.