Openstreetmap Booth@GeoKur

OSM Booth at GeoKur

OSM Booth at GeoKur

In addition to yesterday’s posting, here’s a picture of today’s OSM booth at the GeoKur event. There were about 800 attendees, and Joachim Kast held a talk about OSM. Many geocachers already heard about OSM or are already using Garmin maps etc., but some people reported that they have been unsuccessful using OSM. Some people report they have been told that OSM maps cannot be used on Garmin devices. I do not know whether Garmin dealers are responsible for this misinformation or whether people just do not manage to download and install our Garmin maps on their devices. According to the event, I guess it’s the latter issue.

Fortunately we have been prepared. At the booth, we had a handout available which describes the process of downloading and installing Garmin maps. As an additional service, we installed maps directly at the booth or gave away micro SD cards to visitors. I hope this helps to “spread the word”.

One further issue was that Geocachers tried but did not manage to contribute to OSM. In my opinion we are still missing an easy to find and use editor, something between openstreetbugs and Potlatch.

Many thanks to Joachim for the organisation of the booth plus the talk and Sven Geggus who once again brought the ready-to-use OSM computer.