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Landscape near Baiersbronn, Black Forest

Landscape near Baiersbronn, Black Forest

The »Tour de Murg« is a biking trip from Freudenstadt, Black Forest, to Rastatt. It’s about 70km downhill – a great trip for lazy bikers like me :) . I did this trip four years ago including a lot of initial mapping. What surprised me most was the fact that lots of mapping details still are missing, are not up-to-date or are even totally wrong (see Gausbach).

From Karlsruhe, you can take the S41 train to Freudenstadt. Back in 2006 I used the occasion to map the rails, including the halts and tunnels. While cycling back, it was not possible to map all details correctly, but I did what was possible to get some data into the database. As usual, I hoped that others will improve mapping during the following years.

Meanwhile a lot has changed. Some sections are new respectively completely renewed, have been dedicated to cyclists and pedestrians only and the like. Our data, however, does not reflect reality to an acceptable degree. There are still bugs I accidentally introduced in 2006, and there have been edits which left the data worse than before. I immediately felt the appetite to spent one long day with the N900 and osm2go to map the complete trip correctly.

I’m constantly pointing out that there is less sense in bashing mapping companies for their data not being up to date. It’s easy to create data from scratch and being proud that everything is now mapped that well. It is much harder to ensure the data is maintained and bugs are constantly removed. And I guess we don’t do this job very well.

So what do we need? Do we need more and better software tools? Do we need more mapping parties, even in already mapped areas? Or can you think of any other mechanism to raise the fun of checking existing data?

Unfortunately I’ve been trapped by some rain, so I could not complete the trip and entered the train at the halt »Au im Murgtal«. Here’s the section from Freudenstadt to Weisenbach: