MoNav tracklogging patch finished

Animal Footprints (, public domain)

Animal Footprints (, public domain)

My favourite OSM based routing application, MoNav, lacks tracklogging. Thus I sat down this weekend and wrote some code to accomplish this.

The current code collects the data from the positioning subsystem. After a configurable period of time (default is 60 seconds) it flushes this data to a simple CSV logfile. While writing the data, a copy of the file is kept to avoid data loss in case the battery drains at the very same moment. The folder for the logfile is configurable, while the filename gets automatically created according to the current date and time. When closing MoNav, the logfile gets converted to a more versatile GPX track file.

I tested the code during an six hour trip to the black forest, and it seems to work just fine. I hope my code will make it into the main MoNav repository sooner or later.

While I usually do mapping by foot or bike, I mapped steep inclining ways in Obertal by car today. Many of those ways end at isolated dwellings or farm houses, or morph into graveled forest tracks. That’s the area of interest, sited in the Murg Valley, Black Forest:

A very nice trip under sunny and warm weather conditions, untypical for november. I’d like to get more of those, at least until christmas :) .