Climbing The Rock

Indoor Climbing Wall, (c) by Marco Jeschke

Indoor Climbing Wall, (c) by Marco Jeschke

I’m a big fan of outdoor activities, and thus my physical training much depends on the weather conditions. Especially during the cold and dark winter months, I’m usually leaving the office 90 minutes after twilight, and biking is not much fun even at weekends.

A friend of mine mentioned that a local indoor climbing provider was offering newbie courses, and got two further people interested. So we met to climb »The Rock«:

The required equipment was provided, and we have been tought how to use it. Additionally, we learned the basics needed for top rope climbing, like basic knots for the climber and the belayer and how to act. The initial climbing has been guided, but soon we have been left alone to explore the walls.

Frankly, the experience that your health only depends on a thin rope and another person you barely know was completely unexpected. This led to the situation that the climber constantly checked whether the belayer does her job, or even to instruct the belayer how to do things. It made me remember how many things in life depend on trust. And BTW, I urgently need to check the contract of my disability insurance :) .

At the location, people of almost all ages and both genders were practicing. IMO this is due to the fact that this sport depends less on strength or body size but on skill. I also was surprised to hear foreign languages. Well, France is not far, but Switzerland? Either there are not many halls between Switzerland and Karlsruhe, or this hall is somewhat extraordinary.

A great experience indeed. Thanks Frank for the organisation, and thanks Angela and Marco for joining.