Automated MoNav Map Preprocessing

European Map (, public domain)

European Map (, public domain)

The most exiting routing application is pretty useless without any map material. So is MoNav. Well, wait, you can convert some data from at your own, can’t you?

No, many people can’t. In case you are used to a Linux box, you may have good luck, as you have all the tools required at your diposal. But many potential users of MoNav might not be capable of compiling the application and map material by themselves.

So I spent some evening hours to set up a simple script which can automate the preprocessing. As STRATO generously is sponsoring three servers to be used by the OSM community, a few CPU cycles are available to do the hard processing work. Though I have no confirmation yet whether the machines can be used to convert MoNav maps regularly, I already converted some minor mapsets. Do not expect huge sets (like the whole of europe) soon, as this would hit the machine quite heavily.

The download page looks quite ugly (CSS experts wanted), as it gets automatically created by the abovementioned script. But anyway, it provides the possibility to download preprocessed maps for MoNav (currently only car routing maps are offered). Hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Automated MoNav Map Preprocessing

  1. johnthu

    The most exiting routing application is pretty useless without any map material.


    And thank you very much for your excellent works!

  2. johnthu

    Hi, I found the data format have changed.
    I have downloaded the monav client 0.2 win32 from google code. It can not work with your precessed data.
    Where we can download the latest version of monav client win32?

  3. !i!

    I’m not uptodate with the application, does this include only routing data or is this all needed for display,routing,search,…?

  4. ce Post author

    The files are not compatible with MoNav 0.2, but with MoNav 0.3 – the current SVN code. The data sets contain address search, routing data and vector data for the new vector renderer for complete autonomous offline use.

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