Using MoNav – Eat your own dogfood

I’m just back from a family meeting in Heiligenstadt (Upper Franconia), the region where parts of my family originate from. It’s a nice town with some restaurants providing very good traditional food at a reasonable price. It’s sited in a valley which provides nice surroundings, and the interior of the medieval protestant church was rather surprising.

Of course I used MoNav for navigating there. The route it calculated was “just the right one”, and the track logging I recently hacked clearly raises its value.

What I’m missing most is speech output. Actually I already know how to do audio output on the N900, which is quite simple thanks to Qt. But a lot of backend work is required to create usable output. As CEST started today and I can smell the spring, it is unlikely that I will add this feature during the next weeks. Except we get some cold and rainy days, of course :) .