First Windows installer for MoNav available – Help wanted

Christian was able to fix a nasty bug which caused MoNav to crash during startup on Windows. I used the occasion to create an early NSIS Windows installer.

The installer contains experiental software, as I applied some quick and dirty hacks to get it compiled. It is thus not intended to be used by end users. As I’m rarely booting into Redmond OS, some developer who is savvy enough to maintain the NSIS installer is required to update the package every now and then. Contributors are always welcome!

1 thought on “First Windows installer for MoNav available – Help wanted

  1. johnthu

    I use Redmond OS as my daily used enviorment.
    But I have no idea how to make a NSIS installer package. Do I just need to install QT-sdk and QT-creator for compiling?

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