MoNav 0.3 Released

MoNav performing bicycle routing

MoNav performing bicycle routing

Christian Vetter, the inventor and maintainer of MoNav, just announced the release of MoNav 0.3. Finally the improvements and new features developed during the last weeks and months are available as precompiled installers. Here’s a copy of the original posting:

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of the 0.3 version of MoNav
[1][2][3] just in time for your favorite Easter holiday trip.

The highlights of this release are:

  • UI Overhaul, take a look at the screenshots[4]
  • Offline vector renderer: QTileRenderer[5]
  • Better handling of map data and map modules: It is now very easy to switch between routing ( motorcar, bicycle, pedestrian ) and rendering modes ( online, offline vector… ).
  • Full Maemo support
  • Track logging
  • PBF[6] support: 10 times faster OpenStreetMap data parsing!
  • Console version of the preprocessor
  • Improved import of OpenStreetMap data: surface, smoothness, barriers, …
  • And many more

Of course MoNav still delivers blazingly fast routing, even for huge
graphs on mobile devices.

Downloads available[3]:

  • Client binaries for Windows32, Ubuntu 32/64 and Maemo
  • Map packages for most countries: pedestrian, motorcar and bicycle routing; online and offline vector rendering.

We are still looking for contributors in the following areas:

  • GUI design
  • Address Lookup ( Karlsruhe Schema, novel approaches … )
  • Binary package maintenance for various systems / distributions
  • Usability tests and improvements
  • New features
  • Of course other contributions are always welcome If you believe you can contribute and are interested in joining the development team please let us know.

Feel free to contact us on our mailing lists[7][8] or to post bugs to our bug tracker[9]

Please note that this project is under active development and while
considered stable may still contain serious bugs.
Comments, bug reports and suggestions are welcome and can be filed under [9]

Happy routing!
Christian Vetter

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[2] MoNav at OpenStreetMap Wiki:
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[5] QTile Renderer:
[6] PBF at OpenStreetMap wiki:
[7] MoNav mailing list:
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