MoNav User Interface now available in German Language

The last two days I’ve worked on a first translation system for MoNav. Thanks to Qt4 it was just simple, and admittedly I copied over some lines of code from one of my other projects, Gebabbel.

MoNav checks the user’s system for a locale string, searches for a matching translation file, and if available, it gets loaded. Currently, the translation files are included in the binary, so we do not need to care about install paths and the like. As soon we have some translations available, they will be removed from the binary and installed as separate files to save some memory.

This also means we are in desparate need of translators for the upcoming releases. Do you want MoNav to appear in your mother tongue, maybe Russian, Chinese, or Bamanankan? As no programming skills are required to create a translation, do not hesitate to contact us.