40th Birthday Hiking Trip

Since my 40th birthday passed by recently, I invited a couple of friends for a 20 kilometers black forest hiking trip. It led us from Forbach over the Rote Lache pass to Baden-Baden/Oberbeuern, where we took the bus to the station to get back to Karlsruhe.

The weather was warm and sunny, reminding us of the indian summer. Between Forbach and Bermersbach we followed the Ziegenpfad (Goat’s path), which is often used by families with children:

Obviously the inhabitants of the black forest take hunting very serious:

The Holzschuhrank is a locality and a shelter with a fountain and sleeping facilities, sited at a crossing:

Fortunately there were lots of details along our way which were missing in the OSM database, so all kinds of gadgets (such as Garmins, N900s etc.) came to play:

That’s deer ragout with croquettes and brussels sprouts. No, I didn’t take a picture of everyone’s dishes :) :

As we were late and the daylight saving time ended last sunday, it got dark while descending to Oberbeuern. At least the male participants appreciated the displays of the bus booting Linux 2.x :) :

Here’s the trip: