Black Forest Mapping during Pentecost

Warm and sunny weather makes this year’s pentecost an excellent occasion for some restoration. Restoration means riding the bike to do some occasional mapping (collecting goods just as bumble bees do) and visiting one of my favorite destinations, the Rote Lache pass.

Usually I took the road between Bermersbach and Rote Lache, but it has two drawbacks. Firstly it is much longer than some tracks through the woods, and secondly it is crowded by motorbikes on weekends. Thus I took a gravelled forestal track known as Panoramaweg. The incline is steeper, but it’s not an issue with a reasonable bike. As an added benefit, I detected some details that are still missing in the openstreetmap database.

At Rote Lache a Hotel with Restaurant and Biergarten is sited, serving traditional food. Seasonal vegetables include asparagus, maybe served as a soup:

And here’s a typical black forest dish, fried trout:

Obviously I enjoyed the trip :) .