Händel at Stadtkirche Karlsruhe

I was invited to attend a concert at the Stadtkirche Karlsruhe. The Staatstheater Karlsruhe performed the oratorio »Esther« of Georg Friedrich Händel. Unfortunately the invitor didn’t leave home, since she was trapped by some severe cold :( .

I found the instrumentation quite interesting. Besides the “usual” candidates like the choir and vocal solists, the bowed string instruments plus some hautboys and bassoons, a lute and a bass lute took part as well as a harp, a harpsicord, and a chest organ. Two horns and a trumpet were the only brass instruments. No drums were involved.

A great concert, well visited. Thanks girls and guys :) .

BTW: The choir organ on the left hand side, built by Remy Mahler, is a masterpiece. In case you get a chance to visit a concert, do not hesitate – you won’t regret.