RPPR stands for »Realtime Pattern Play Recording«. It is a feature of sequencers as found in some Korg workstations (AFAIK the M3, M50, Triton, OASYS, Kronos etc.). The user can record musical patterns. It is subsequently possible to assign those to keys of the keybed for single finger playback. That’s not what I’m after. But the patterns can be read from respectively converted to Drum Track Patterns. Those can be used in program and combination mode for accompaniment. Hence my interest :) .

Korg put a video online outlining RPPR. To convert a RPPR pattern to a drum track pattern, just use the command »Convert to drum track pattern« from the menu of the »Pattern Edit« page.

It is also possible to create patterns based on MIDI data. Load a MIDI file in disk mode to one of the song slots. Select this song in Seq mode and convert the track data to a pattern. A brief step-by-step tutorial can be found at korgforums.com.

It is not possible to rearrange the Drum Tracks of the user bank direktly. For workarounds, see this posting.