The Zoom H4N

During last year’s vespers I borrowed a Zoom H4N from a friend (thanks a bunch, BTW) to record the concerts for my very personal archive. Since I forgot to borrow it again for this year’s concerts, I decided to by a recording gadget. After reading about various devices I decided to go for the H4N as well. Included is a plastic shell which protects the device:

The device is easy to use and seems to be robust. The recording quality IMO is great. The device has two weak points, though – the flap of the SD card slot and the battery cover. Both require gentle treatment. To remove the battery cover, push it down at the ding and slide it to the right:

In case you don’t, you’ll need to order a replacement:

The device will serve me well during the upcoming concerts despite my initial fault :) .

Edit 2015-08-08: Once again I trashed the the battery cover, and a replacement is not available in any online shop. The device is great, except for this piece of plastic :) .