Pictures shot by the Soligor 60-300mm macro lens

These are cropped pictures as seen by a Soligor 60-300mm macro lens. Obviously they lack a lot of sharpness, which is due to a light wind, the lens user’s incompetence, the cropping, and the fact I used the lens at its maximum zoom (which often is the weak point of lenses).

This picture happened by accident. I closed the aperture of the lens, and the NX30 didn’t choose the right shutter time in aperture priority mode. Obviously I should have chosen the shutter priority mode so that I was able to control the aperture time manually (according to the histogram).

This frog was quite small (I assume the length of a my thumb). Additionally the Soligor attached to the NX30 is a rather wobbly construction. The minimum focal distance is about 1500 mm. That’s great for dragonflys, but I wished I hed less for the frog.

I guess a polarising filter was useful for this shot. Unfortunately the two I own do not fit the 67 mm thread of the Soligor. And obviously the shot from above is not what one wants to see. Real photographers are patiently waiting inside the water for the right moment to appear.

Résumé: Not really the best shots ever, but a great occasion to learn more about using the Soligor lens.