Nektar Impact iX61

I was looking for some cheap but usable keybeds for testing my recent Raspi Aeolus UA-25 setup. The Nektar Impact iX61 looked promising, and a Haptwerk user using two of them wrote a positive review.

Setup is simple. Just plug it in to a USB port and you’re done. The plastic keys are of “normal” size (though quite short) and provide a nice feel of grip. Altering the MIDI channel is rather easy directly via its interface. The chassis is small so it does not waste more space as necessary. The lack of controls makes it easy to stack multiple of them to get a pipe organ like terrace.

There are some glitches making it unsufficient for the intended use:

  • Notes are only sent when depressing the keys almost completely. That’s OK for playing some simple chords, but leads to missing notes when playing faster passages.
  • Every now and then, some notes kept playing even after releasing a key. The Nektar Impact iX61 provides a MIDI panic feature, but it was too annoying to use it frequently.
  • Not really a show stopper for the intended use, but the minimum velocity was 19. I didn’t manage to trigger lower values regardless how slow I put the keys down.

The device will be returned tomorrow. In case someone just intends to play some simple chords it may be sufficient anyway.