How to fix a broken PDF for online printing

I collected all of the classical pieces I’m currently playing in one PDF, mainly to get it printed by an online service,

The PDF consists of items from various sources. Several pages of sheet music have been downloaded, others have been typeset by myself and exported to PDF. Additionally there are two pages I exported from OpenOffice (Cover and a registration page).

I used the Preview app of Mac OS X (an amazing app, BTW, including a lot of cool hidden features) to put all pages into one huge document, and I used the very same application to add tons of annotations, mainly fingering and pedaling information.

A recent attempt to get the document printed online resulted in a non prinable document. The main reason of the issues appearently are the many annotations. After removing them, a lot of warnings of the upload form disappeared. But without my fingering and pedaling annotations, the printed sheet music is almost useless. An additionaly issue was the page size of the individual pages.

The provider recommended to use a tool to unify the page sizes. So I did:

  • has the advantage that the annotations remain editable. Its disadvantage is that annotations in form of lines are misplaced after the conversion (text remained intact).
  • did the job. Almost all issued disappeared. A minor drawback is the fact that the annotations are no longer editable in Preview app. Not an issue, but to keep in mind.

One further issue was that the upload did work in Safari (6.1.6 aka 7537.78.2), but not in Firefox (48.0.2). The web service immediately complained it was not a PDF file. I presume that it’s just an issue concerning the MIME type transmitted, but I do not know exactly.

I hope the printed result will look as expected. I’ll know in about two weeks.