Exchanging the vacuum cleaning engine

About six years ago I purchased an iRobot Roomba 780 vacuum cleaner. Since then, I have no clue how one can survive without such a gadget, despite the fact it was not a cheap investment at that time.

Recently I replaced it with a eufy RoboVac 11S max. There’s nothing wrong with the Roomba, but due to its age, more recent devices like the Robovac have some advantages:

  • The Roomba was relatively rude to some furniture. Combined with its speed and weight (3,8 kg), this left some notable marks on them. The Robovac appearently is much more gentle in this regard.
  • Due to its height of 90 mm, the Roomba either did not make it under some furniture or even got stuck. The Robovac features just 72 mm in height, making it much more maneuverable under low furniture.
  • The Roomba was relatively noisy (61 dB). so I never used it while being at home. The Robovac features just 55dB. It’s not an issue to have it running in one of the neighboured rooms while being at home.
  • Compared to the 15C, the 11S ships without app support. This means you do not need to send data to some cloud service. The 11S ships with a remote control which also can be used to set time schedules.
  • The battery of the Roomba needs replacement, which was an invest about third the price of the Robovac.

The first runs of the Robovac look promising. What I observed is that it has difficulty entering its power dock. Sometimes it enters it perfectly, sometimes it approaches it angular and thus moves it a couple of centimeters. Possibly this is due to some nearby objects so the Robovac struggles to locate the dock properly. Maybe I’ll fix the dock to some mat to position it more stable.